Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sesame Seed and Peanut Snaps


A small amount of food eaten between meals

Eat a snack

Let's be honest with ourselves, we all love to snack and the more sinful the treats we 'reward' ourselves in between meals are, the more gratifying.  I personally live for that mid afternoon candy bar (well hidden in my desk drawer of 'cos) nibble just when it's like I cannot bear to respond to one more email, I just bend my head over the open desk drawer, unwrap the half eaten Crunchie bar (it's less messier than Mars which is more gooier with it nougat caramel centre) and take a good nibble while keeping a side eye out for my ever hungry colleagues.

While baking a cake for a client I decided to make a quick snack on Independence Day. I had some toasted sesame seeds lying about from a previous cooking session and decided to make some sesame seed and peanut caramel snaps.  It's so easy to's how to:

70g Sugar

360g of Honey (optional)

2tbsp of Water

A pinch of cinnamon powder (optional)

232g of toasted Sesame Seed or peanut

Toasted Sesame Seeds


Put sugar, honey, water and ground cinnamon powder in a pot and under medium heat bring to a boil till mixture turns a light golden colour while occasionally stirring. Add the toasted seed while continuously stirring (CAUTION: stand as far back as possible), after properly stirring the seeds into the mixture. Pour out the mixture onto an oiled tray or if you have silicone cupcake moulds (as pictured, you can pour mixture into them and just peel back mould when the caramel mixture sets after like 30 minutes). If using a tray use a knife to smooth mixture on the tray to make mixture as thin as you want. Allow cool and then break into biscuit sizes

Like I said earlier, tasty and easy to make


Be extra cautious when handling hot caramel (hot melted sugar). A drop fell on my pinky finger and blistered instantly. Make sure you prepare snaps with the kids safely out of the kitchen.  

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