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Homemade Pizza (Tomato Sauce, Minced Pork, Smoked Sausages and Mozzarella Cheese)

Tired of your fave pizza order place scrimping on the cheese or ham on your pizza?  Think the pizza maker is being stingy with the tomato sauce? Tired of wondering what goes into your pizza while on a diet?  Well no need to sweat the small stuff.......simply make your own pizza at home!  I decided to surprise Mr. Man on Saturday movie night by whipping up a major meat fest pizza, at the end of the evening we were so full that we practically passed out on the sofa with Alien Vs Predator still playing on the dvd.  

To put your mind at rest, home made pizza is soooooo easy to make.  My major issue is I'm kinda impatient when rolling out pizza dough so I just roll for a bit and stretch it on the pizza pan (it's homemade pizza not a cooking competition. lol).  You don't need too much ingredients and trust me it's fun to make as you and your friends or family can get really creative by experimenting with different toppings.


(For the Pizza Dough)
400 grams all-purpose flour or bread flour (strong flour)

2 teaspoons of instant yeast

2 teaspoons of Sea salt (you can use normal table salt)

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

250ml of water

(For the Sauce and Topping)
Lasagne Tomato Sauce (Use any tomato sauce of your choice)

Minced pork 

Sliced smoked sausages

Mozzarella cheese

(Preheat oven to 250C. Brush a pizza baking tray/pan with olive oil)

1.  To make pizza dough, mix the flour, salt, yeast, water and olive oil in a bowl and using the mixer paddle of your mixer for like 15 seconds to mix the ingredients and exchange the mixer paddle for the dough hooks (as pictured below) and mix for 30 seconds or till the mixture forms a ball that is slightly sticky to the tuch, if the mixture is too dry add more 2 tablespoons of water and process for another 10 seconds, if the mixture is too sticky simply add 1 tablespoon of flour till it becomes less sticky.  Sprinkle enough flour on a clean work surface and knead the dough by hand for 15 seconds to form a smooth round dough ball, put the dough in a bowl and cover with a plastic wrap and keep in a warm place for the dough to rise (like 1-2 hours or till the dough doubles in size).  

2.  While your waiting for your dough to rise put some olive oil in a frying pan or skillet and stir fry your raw mince meat adding some powdered garlic or any spice of choice. I stir fried mine under medium heat till I was sure the meat was thoroughly cooked (say 15 minutes). When properly cooked, put aside to cool

(Mixing with a dough hook)

 3.  When the dough is ready, knead again on a floured work surface till smooth and using a rolling pin (or a smooth wine bottle if you don't have a rolling pin) carefully roll out to form a round pizza base that will fit your pizza pan

4.  Put the rolled out pizza dough on your pizza pan and pop in the oven for 6 minutes

Sliced sausages and diced cheese

5.  While you're waiting for the 6 minutes to elapse, dice your cheese and slice your smoked sausages if you haven't done so already.

6.  After the 6 minutes, bring the pizza dough out of the oven wearing your oven mitts or napkin to avoid burning your fingers off (I burnt mine that's why I'm saying this. lol). Allow cool for 3 minutes or so and spread the tomato sauce followed by the minced meat, sliced sausages and diced mozzarella.  Pop back in oven and leave on for 10-12 minutes (or till the cheese melts) and voila! Just like that your pizza is cooked!

7. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!!

Delish and yummy

 Note:  If you prefer a thinner crust simple reduce all the ingredients by half (e.g, instead of 400grams of flour use 200grams, 2 teaspoons of yeast use 1 instead).  If you live in Nigeria please note that most ingredients featured in this blog can be found in Nigeria, send me an email if you're having difficulty sourcing for anything.

Thanks for stopping by please do send pictures of your creations to be featured on this blog.


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  1. I loooove pizza, picture a cool Friday evening at home with your favorite drink or wine, watching your favourite programme hmmmm nice. Welldone Bex! :)

    1. Thanks Traycee. Trust me nothing beats homemade pizza on Friday evening cozying up on the sofa watching Scandal or Suits with your loved ones! Off to your blog to snoop again.

  2. I hate you this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Love you too my sweet berrilicious berry


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