Monday, 2 December 2013

Pictures Only: Bites and Taste of Europe

So I went for a card exhibition in Paris and managed to convince my boss I needed a couple of days to rest and sightsee. I was shocked when he agreed and before he could change his mind I quickly moved to a cheaper hotel in Paris and booked a ticket to Rome (Rome has always been on my list of places I must visit so when the chance came I grabbed it).  Below are pictures of some of the food I ate. Enjoy...........


Hot chocolate with whipped cream and cocoa seeds..topped with a single strawberry! WOW!

Ambasciata di Capri Pizzeria off Via Cicerone in Rome, got the seafood pizza below here, they were a bit unfriendly so I never went back

I ordered for seafood pizza but was shocked when I opened the box and saw this!

It tasted as good as it looked

Breakfast at Isa Hotel Rome

The Lasagna was delsih!

Too many choices.......

I ordered a piece of every pizza on the menu and the best wine in the house! Gracia

Cookie Heaven

Funny looking flat BLT sandwich......

Gelato! It was cold as hell but I couldn't resist! Italian ice cream has got to be the best!

Cheese and stuff from everywhere wanted to bring some but didn't think customs would be pleased!


RUC, home of the best beef burger on earth!

I literally saw heaven when I assembled it together and cut open the middle

If you're ever in Paris, make sure you visit the Ruc and order the beef burger and fries!

Club sandwich from the Hilton La Defense, didn't wow me sha, still prefer the one from Cactus in Lagos


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    1. You that went on a round the works cruise nko?

  2. Hunger oooooooo. Bex dearest why do this me nau

    Meanwhile the next trip has to be with the rest of the PPGs

  3. Nice Bex! Looks like you had a great time. Yeah mussels shell on pizza? Weird indeed!

  4. Omg looks super yummy Italian food is amazing but Italian food in Italy is even better. Glad you had a great time.

    1. Thanks! Words cannot begin to describe how delish Italian dishes are.... Can't wait to go back!


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